Our Process

We start with

This is your dream project, and it is going to be built outside your door. That is why every project starts with a site visit from one of our designers. We listen, take notes, and talk about your vision for your property. The more we learn about you and your home, the more we can design something that will be truly and uniquely yours. Through the process of collaboration and refinement, a stunning design is presented.

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I am delighted to recommend Balsam Creek Landscaping! My backyard is fully transformed – a big job – beautiful result. Their attention to detail and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Communications with me and the neighbours were excellent throughout the process. The crews tidied at the end of every day! I look forward to the next project – my front yard – and the same wonderful experience.


Timeless Build

Punctuality. Professionalism. Politeness. These are all part of our makeup as a company, so even though your home is now our job site, you can be assured that it won’t feel like that. We pride ourselves on our meticulousness which means we keep things tidy. We are considerate so that you will always feel that we have you and your neighbourhood’s best interests in mind. We promise that beautifying your property won’t be a messy ordeal.


There is nothing better than bringing a project from dream to reality and then watching it mature and establish itself. If you feel that you would prefer to enjoy your property without the stress and worry of maintaining it, we are here to help. We feel there is no one more qualified to care for your property than us. Knowing and caring for our clients long-term is what we’re here to do.

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We have used the services of Balsam Creek for the past 4 years. The outstanding design ideas, professionalism and tidy job site are the reasons that make Balsam Creek our obvious choice.